knx basic course

The KNX Basic course is the first course that one must attend in order to become a KNX Partner and be listed as such on the KNX Official Website. This KNX course is being taught in more than 250 Certified KNX Training Centers all over the world.

topics covered

  • KNX Project Design ETS Professional: Basic

  • KNX Project Design ETS Professional: Advanced (only for informative purposes)

  • KNX Commissioning ETS

  • KNX Diagnostics & Trouble Shooting ETS

  • KNX System arguments

  • KNX Communication

  • KNX TP Topology

  • KNX TP Telegram

  • KNX Bus Devices

  • KNX TP Installation


At the end of the KNX Basic course there is a theoretical and practical exam in order to test the course participant’s basic KNX knowledge.


Prerequisites to follow the course: None

Duration of course: 30 hours

Training documentation: Standardized

Requirement to pass both exams: 50 % accuracy

Course given by: KNX Certified Trainer

Cost: $1,700