knx advanced course

If you want to take your KNX basic knowledge to the next level, then the Advanced Course is the right one for you. This course is being offered by more than 60 Certified KNX Training Centers in the world.

topics covered

  • Fail-Safe Planning

  • Flags

  • HVAC control with KNX

  • Integrated Applications

  • Interworking

  • Couplers

  • Lighting Control

  • Security Technology

  • Logic Operations

  • Visualisation Systems

  • ETS Apps

  • KNX and Multimedia

  • KNX and Smart Metering/Smart Grid


At the end of the KNX Advanced course there is a practical exam in order to test the participant’s KNX advanced knowledge.


Prerequisites to follow this course: Passing the KNX Basic exam


Course duration: 30 hours


Training Documentation: Standardized


Requirement to pass exam: 50 % accuracy


Course given by: KNX Certified Instructor

Cost: $1,900