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It’s not very easy to control pools with home automation systems, and with relevant informations feedback. No way to communicate with pool management products, no solution from the manufacturers, etc. A Slovak company named LVLO have now an interessant solution with very various functionnalities. This solution is packaged in an electric box with IP65 protection, so you can install it in a pool house for example.


A very interessant element is that this box have a KNX interface to manage many functions available in the LVLO box. But, before say more, let’s take a look at the user interface  screenshots below.




There are many useful informations like water temperature, outside temperature, water quality statistics, pH, the possibility to control pool ligh, pumps, heating, etc…

For care and maintenance technicians, it’s more interessant. In terms of what you connect on the terminal below , you will have a lot of informations very useful in the pool management:


  • filtration pump 1 or 3 phases. LVLØ monitors the state of integrated motor starter for standard 240V/400V filtration pump and it can send alerts in case of pump malfunction. With LVLØ mobile application, you can easily set custom timers for filtration pump. Start and stop the pump several times a day manually or leave it in an automatic mode, which will activate the pump according to current pool parameters such
  • lighting, pool coverture and auxilary outputs
  • water treatment features
  • six positions of valve (Filter, Rinse, Backwash, Waste, Closed or Recirculate)
  • to prevent over chlorination for salt water pools, control salt chlorine generators based on water measurement.
  • water level sensor
  • email sending on alert or cyclic

All these parameters can be combined together. For instance you can turn on the filtration pump with a timer or a calendar, or more intelligently in terms of pH value received.

Care and maintenance technicians have access to more technical datas on smartphone app (Android and Apple), password protected. The system can generate stand alone alerts to send to technicians. Some alerts can also be set in case of pump or sensor failure.


We are waiting for more specific informations from the manufacturer, especially the KNX part and the pricelist. We will update this post as soon as we ‘ll receive them.

A solution to follow and to test if possible.

Edit  03/05/2015. Just receive the .knxproj file. The least we can say is LVLO offers many communication objects in its application programm. It’s impressive! More than 65 communication objects are available, with some very useful like circuit breaker status feedback, water treatment feedback, alarm send on service required, and many control commands. Take a look on the screenshots below. I think it’s a product we need to follow and integrate on a future customer project.

lvlo_ets_screenshot_1 lvlo_ets_screenshot_2

As usual, you will find all the documentation and KNX files in our Download section.

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