#KNX and US Control Systems


Since few days, we are talking about KNX technology, and its deployment in the US. But many US system integrators don’t know this technology. A simple search on Google can help them to know more.

In DMC Technology we think that US system integrators need to be reassured. KNX works with many control systems. Some examples?

Not enough?

OK, so you need to know that KNX protocol is also compatible with other automation standards: Enocean, Z-wave, Bacnet, Modbus, M-Bus, LON, Zigbee. It’s an open protocol, so anyone can write a driver for all control systems.

Many system integrators all over the world have successfully integrated KNX with all these control systems. So, it’s not a problem for american system integrator. It’s a new way and a new opportunity for them to embrace this technology.

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