ETS 5.5 news

The latest version of ETS, version 5.5 is available since this week. This article will show you some news which are included in this news version of KNX software tool.

When you launch the install, ETS will update the software and the database. So it will take time, depending on the database size you have.

Dongle update

First thing to do: update dongle firmware, otherwise ETS remains blocked in demo mode.



Projects update

Projects have to be updated as well. In the list of projects on the left, all projects cannot be opened until you update them.



Security updates

As it has been announced 1 month ago at Light + Building, ETS 5.5 from now on integrates new security functions called KNX IP Secure and KNX Data Secure.

In the projects details you will find a new tab called “Security”. In this tab you can add certificates manually or automatically by scanning a QR code directly on the product.



I will tell you more about security as soon as I will test these functionnalities.

Adding pre-defined functions in Building structure

When you open a project, you can now add pre-defined functions (on/off lights, dimming, sun protection) in the building structure. Depending on the choosed function, ETS will create automatically for you the corresponding group addresses.

In the example below, I created a simple “solar protection” function, which I called “Blind”. You can note thaht ETS automatically added group addresses associated to this function.



The problem, so far, I don’t know how to use an other group addresses convention. If I don’t want to use the group addresses structure proposed by ETS, how to do it. For now, I don’t have the answer.

New functions in the project creation wizard

When you use the wizard to create a new project, ETS proposes models by default, which allow you to create one or several templates, depending on your needs, and will help you to save time . Quand vous utilisez le wizard pour créer un nouveau projet, ETS vous propose des modèles par défaut, qui permettront de créer un ou plusieurs templates en fonction de vos besoins, et vous feront gagner du temps both in the creation of building structure, and in the creatio  of you group addresses structure.



Same question about the personnal group addresses convention you may use, as described in the previous paragraph.

Add channels to devices


For each device, you can add channels. For what? It seems to be used in case the manufacturer didn’t documented enough the different channels of the device. You wan then create “fake” channels, in which you can drop the corresponding group objects. Or you can also follow ETS suggestions. I tried, and finally it’s pretty useful, because it creates a folder for each channel in your device, in which group objects are ranged. This allows to have a better organisation of group objects. Please note that for many devices those folders are already present in the device structure.


This is, in my opinion, all you have to know about ETS5.5 news. I invite you to complete this article if you have more news!

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