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Denon presented few weeks ago its new multiroom system, Heos. Composed by active speakers, connected amp, and one link to connect any audio system to Heos system, to male a global ‘connected’ audio solution. Our interest in this post is the capability  of the Heos system to be a part of a complete automation system, with RTI.

RTI just launched a new driver to control Heos multiroom system. This driver is complet and RTI offers a really good integration solution for Heos in a RTI installation. Below, you will find several screenshots finded in the driver demonstration file.

Driver properties

Let’s start with driver properties. One first ascertainment is UPNP connection which was not supported before by RTI. The other fields are just your Heos parameters.



Heos player selection

On this screen, you have players list on the left, players automatically discovered and detected by RTI driver. Above, you can see several status indications in text format, to know if RTI is well connected to Heos, if players were found…

On the right side, some informations about current playing title, artist, album, cover, and control buttons (play, pause…). If you clic on one player in the list, you find the players’s queue (next screenshot).





Selected player queue

Controls are the same. Players list become before selected player queue. You can clear this list, play selection, or sort it by artist, album or title.




Browse lists

You can browser the different lists. Right icons give you the ability to access music services available in Heos system (Pandora, Spotify, Tunein, etc…).




Groups edit

In the 3 next screenshots, you’ll find how to edit groups, how to add a zone to a group and how to adjust volume for each group.






Unfortunately, we don’t have Heos products to test this driver in real conditions, and to check its reliability. The driver seems to be a very useful. The main interest is lists managment, and ability to browse them (unlike sonos driver). UPNP is a new feature for RTI. We just want to test if this implementation is really  efficient or not. UPNP is a very used protocol in audio video industry. So if RTI offers a real UPNP implementation, it can be good for future integration solutions.

You can find this driver and the example Integration Designer file in our Download page.






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