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What is KNX?


KNX is THE worldwide STANDARD for Home and Building Control, and Building management.

KNX ensures compatibility amongst all certified products, regardless of manufacturer. Currently, more than 250 manufacturers produce KNX certified products.knxlogo
KNX is an open protocol which allows seamless integration using a single commissioning tool (ETS)

Why choose KNX?

KNX is the answer for customers searching for a reliable solution that delivers substantial energy savings. Currently in the US, a typical KNX installation has a positive return on investment (ROI) within 24 months.
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Why become a KNX Partner?


KNX certification provides:

  • Knowledge of the operating principles and architecture of a KNX bus.

  • Hands-on training of the ETS software which is essential for any KNX project.

  • Recognition as an official KNX Partner, certified in the technology by the association.

KNX US will officially be formed as a national group in mid-2015. By becoming a KNX partner today, you will become one of the first recognized and certified installers / integrators in the US and thus be in a position to provide services on projects requiring KNX.


Why Choose DMC USA for training?


Experienced professionals

Our trainers have extensive practical experience working on KNX projects both as installers and integrators.

Certified by KNX

The DMC US trainers are all certified by the KNX association. DMC USA is accredited as a KNX training center ++; the highest level possible which allows DMC to also provide specialized and certified training to prospective KNX teachers

Long-term commitment

Since 2008, our European training centers have taught over 1200 installers which makes DMC one of the largest KNX training providers globally.


The Courses



KNX Installer

This course will enable you to build or remodel more quickly and profitably


KNX Basic Course

This course is required in order to become a KNX Partner and be listed as such on the Official KNX Website


KNX Advanced Course

If you want to fully exploit KNX capabilities


After training


DMC USA can provide support, tools and ad-hoc consulting:

  • technical watch in our blog

  • technical support with our professional forum

  • training reviews with on-line tutorials, and a complete knowledge base

All DMC USA services are listed in our Installer’s page


Already a system integrator?


If you are a system integrator, you are aware that there are multiple technologies and protocols in home and building automation

Adding a KNX certification, will allow you to increase your skills, and become a member of the most recognized home automation technology in the world.

As you continue working with the control systems you are familiar with, adding the KNX features will make them even more powerful (Take a look at this post to know more about KNX working with other control systems).


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